Mastering Contemporary Preaching Vol.1

As a graduate student at CMBI in 1992, Dr. Joshua began teaching this course called Mastering Contemporary Preaching.  This Workbook and DVD lays out the structure of his the fundamental blueprint of always preaching effective and Biblical Sound messages every time. Dr. Joshua teaches that there are over 30 different ways of presenting one text that your preaching will never become redundant and boring.

Mastering Contemporary Preaching

Church Planting & Church Expansion Toolkit

The toolkit is designed for those who are interested in Church Planting and building a New Church on limited funds.


New Testament Greek Grammar Made Simple!

Dr. Joshua has served as a Biblical Languages Professor for over 24 years, that being said he has mastered a simple easy way of learning the Greek Language by implementing it within your Preaching and Teaching instantly.

This book will bring your preaching and teaching to an all times ultimate level.


Greek Made Simple