Historical Louisiana First Jurisdiction Church Planting-Church Expansion Department


Welcome to Historical Louisiana First Jurisdiction Church Planting - Church Expansion Department Classroom for Advanced Studies.

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Jurisdictional Prelate Bishop Dr. James W. Proctor  D.Min.

This School of Church Planting is designed to provide domestic and international students the tools needed to successfully start new churches.  The School of Church Planting is a course of study through online studies.

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Build upon your own Vision!

So many men and women of God spend most of their time getting online degrees and educated through schools that shake their hands on graduation day and say goodbye. Turning them out to a world of wolves in sheep clothing to make it on their own.  I know this first hand, I graduated from a conservative white seminary afterward I had to develop my own ministry from the ground.  This 6 months course assists you in such much more than just preparation.